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Fixed Acoustic Walls

Fixed Acoustic Walls

This Product beneficial for reduction of sound or vibration emitted form walls. Sound is a kind of energy that's produced when things vibrate. The energy has to go somewhere, so it travels outward, away from the sound source, making objects and the air all around us vibrate in sympathy until what's left of the energy reaches our ears. Inside our ears, the air vibrates too, banging on our ear drums, stimulating tiny hair cells deep inside our heads, and registering the sounds in our brains. In short, sound starts life at a source, travels through one or more media, enters our ears, and lights up our brains—and if you want to stop it in its tracks you have to interrupt that chain of events somewhere along the route To reduce such sound to create second wall within your room this process is called Room in Room  where your second wall made out of acoustic materials will create a barrier for sound or Vibration emitted form 1st wall.

Material for Construction :

  • Acoustic Wall Pannel / Acoustic Board
  • Insulation Forming and Sound Redution Materials and Mdf Board ( for Doors)
  • Sound Seals



Type Fixed Wall
Widely used in Residential Applications, Commercial Centers, Industrial establishments, Multiplexes, Theaters, Conference Halls
Quality Best
Features Sound Proof, Durable, Fine Finishing
Material Acoustic

  • Fixed Acoustic Wall 01

  • Fixed Acoustic Wall 02